About Me

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is April I’m a singer, songwriter, writer, mom, wife, vegan, blogger, fashion junky/product junky. So expect to see different posts about my music, veganism, books, motherhood, fashion etc. It’s basically going to just be a combo of  all these subjects and more!I’ve been vegan for three years and my husband has been vegan for about twenty-eight years.We have an amazing 15 month old baby boy whom we’ve chosen to raise on a plant-based diet. My goal with this blog is to try and cover all my greatest loves and living a vegan lifestyle is one of them. It’s by far one of the smartest choices I have ever made and I wouldn’t change a thing. Everyday  a whole new discovery is made that moves be in the direction I want to be on in  my personal journey as a Vegan. I have been so inspired at times that I decided to start this blog so I can at least share my finds with people who are interested.Hope you enjoy my posts and all do my best to post regularly!

peace & love! enjoy!


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