Vegan Makeup

Favorite Vegan Makeup!


My last post covered a bit about vegan skincare so I thought for this one I would just talk about a few of my favorite vegan makeup brands. At the top is a picture of a variety of “Tarte  Cosmetics”. If you haven’t had the chance to test these at Sephora or Ulta Beauty Stores you must take a day and just have some fun trying some. This is probably one of the most expensive vegan makeup lines on the market today but every now and then you should treat yourself. Trust me it’s worth it you get beautiful packaging made out of eco -friendly wood. The makeup itself feels amazing on the skin and guilt free! My favorite is the long lengthening mascara! I have really short eyelashes and really don’t like wearing fake lashes. I’ve tried just about every mascara ever made and then Tarte’s mascara. Let’s just say I won’t being changing my brand any time soon. All the other ones went on to clumpy, had a funny smell or just didn’t quite make my lashes long.

Another line that’s pretty good is Josie Moran Cosmetics these are also 100% vegan.  I just ran out of her tone matching foundation which I must say I was more impressed then I thought I would be.  The downside to this line is it’s also on the more expensive side for cosmetics. I don’t know what it takes to make these but they sure do charge a lot! Image





The inexpensive vegan lines are: Urban DecayImage

Can purchase at Target



Can purchase at PCC| Whole Foods| Health Food Stores

Brands like Elf get the job done and don’t hurt your pocket book but they might fall short a bit on quality and feel. From my personal experience I find that with makeup you really do get what you pay for most of the time. ZuZu is a bit of a higher price point then elf but also better quality and packaging!

There are a bunch of vegan nail polishes that keep popping up but the one that I’ve used is Spartual they are relatively small amounts and the price is fair but they don’t wear very long so make sure you use their basecoat and topcoat for a bit longer wear! 







Okay well thanks for checking out this short blog on Vegan Makeup! There are so many brands out there that I will being doing more posts on this topic soon!


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