2013 vegan mama update!

So sorry it’s been a wait since my last post! So glad to be back with some knew vegan mama talk! Hope your holidays were as festive as mine. Lots of vegan eggnog and tofurky was digested.Image

So I’m just going to jump right in and start sharing! This find is a bit off the mama finds but I’m so happy about it I just have to share! The Cooking Channel which is a spinoff of the Food Network. Now for the first time ever has a vegan cooking show! Live To 100 with host and chef Jason Wrobel. The first one aired this past Sunday and if you love to find to recipes for just get inspired to cook this is a great to watch! Okay so on with my mama find the first great green babies is great I love it! Image

You can purchase Green Babies at Whole Foods or online or at least that’s were I know you can.

Next you have to check out Jessica Alba’s new line of eco diapers and household cleansers th-1th-2these are all vegan and safe for your little ones. The Honest Company Also this time I thought I through in something a little extra for all you vegan mama’s out there! You work very hard and you have to treat yourself every now and then th-5th-3Lippy girl cosmetics is a new vegan makeup line out of Canada! I just ordered a lipstick and gloss from them the other day. I feel like a vegan princess today! You have to treat yourself!! th-4

Lippygirl vegan cosmetics have fun mama’s!! Anyway it’s getting late for me. I have to be alert tomorrow for my growing vegan baby boy so I’m headed to bed for now! Hope this mini blog jumpstarts your vegan new year! Next post I’d like to get more in depth about why I became vegan and some of the challenges I’ve faced. I’ll be  on the look out for more great products and offer 2013 advice for vegan mama’s every where!


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