Vegan Baby’s 1st Christmas! It is the season!

Hey all so amped to share my latest finds for vegan Christmas babies! Check these sites out Lilsugar Vegan Christmas GiftseHow Vegan Gift Ideas!Vegan Baby Gift Ideas!  Also check out this cool cookbook! All kinds of holiday vegan cookie recipes to WOW! family and friends!

Very Vegan Christmas Cookies
So sorry it’s been so long since my last post! October and November just seemed to slip away on me this year as a new mama! Hope you had a very festive Halloween and Thanksgiving! It was my babies first non-turkeyvegan turkey, mashed potatoe, yam and gravy dinner! He loved it! He also had a blast sticking his cute little finders in mine hehe! I finally started my christmas decor today by hanging up my stockings. He was a cute puppy for Halloween and grandma took lots of pictures but I don’t have them in my iPhoto library so I’m sorry that I don’t have them as promised last blog. But I did keep my promise about this awesome baby toothbrush BPA free, dye free, soft bristles,cfand made in the USA!   LOVE MINE!! You can find it at Whole Foods in the Baby  Section near Health & Beauty.

baby toothbrushmy stockings hanging! ready to go!
Xmas decor I recommend to new parents that they place all gifts and ornaments up high way high. Little ones love to tug, pull and put new interesting things in their mouths. Don’t feel the pressure to buy your new baby everything they will find just as much amusement in the gift box that they will in the gift itself. Make sure you get all your favorite christmas dvd’s and iTunes music  ready to go go! I’m thinking Tony BennettChristmas Music Ideas, Frank SinatraMusic, Stevie Wonder Musicfor music.  For dvd’s The Christmas StoryXmas dvd, National Lampoons Christmas vacation dvd, Winnie The Poohdvd this year for myself. Decorations can be homemadedecorations together as a family! Always decorate the tree as a family. This really embraces the spirit of the season and bonds everyone. Also don’t feel the media pressure to buy expensive gifts for your new baby. They’ll be just as happy with the box the gift came in as they are with the gift.  Anyway hope this helps you out a bit for planning a fabulous vegan christmas! I’ll probably have one more post before closer to christmas. That’s even we all make it past the 21st ha! I have a few more vegan holiday tips I need to cover. In the meantime have a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON! SANTA

Oh I don’t want to forget about the eggnog .eggnogAlso you may have noticed I recently changed the template of my blog but don’t be alarmed I’m not changing my subject matter. I just get bored from time to time and need to change things up a bit;) Vegan Chic Mama signing off for now! vegan treebye…bye


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