Vegan Halloween

The leaves on the trees are getting that beautiful look of fall oranges and the air getting so crisp it smells like autumn. It makes me want to buy some school supply’s.  That means it’s time to get those old Halloween costumes out of moth balls and shop for your what might be your babies first one. I know time is a factor for everybody including myself. With all the things going on in the world right now like the election.  I know milestones like babies first Halloween might get passed by inadvertley. Here are a few great websites to get fresh ideas and add to a lifetime of great memories: VegNews HalloweenNatural Candy ,VegFamily and Babies Costumes.If you have time to make your own vegan candy that’s the best way to go. Also if you have an old costume from the past wear it more people will be paying attention to how cute your baby is then you. Visit the pumpkin patch as a family and pick out the perfect one to take home. Make the seeds into a delicious vegan snack. Take lots of pictures and make sure you trick or treat in safe places with your kids. Okay hope this helped make your Halloween a bit sweeter! I’ll have pictures of my babies first Halloween in the next post and what I think might be the greatest baby toothbrush of all time. Can’t  hardly wait to share!  Have a Happy Halloween!

1.Enjoy this time take lots of pictures

2.Check out great Halloween ideas at vegan websites, all natural candies.

3.Make your own candy together as a family and parents use old costumes to safe money.

4. Visit a pumpkin patch & make it a family event.

5. Only visit places that you hear about in the local paper or on TV as safe.

Okay! stay blogged in/stay green & kiss your baby goodnight! – April The Vegan Chic Mama


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