Newly Inspired and back from blogging break!

At apartment party and leaving for bedtime!
Me & my baby boy:)

Hey all sorry it’s been so long since my last entry but I needed to clear my mind and get some fresh ideas. Since becoming a mom this past February there just hasn’t been a lot of time for extra stuff. Anyway I’ve decided to focus on what my life is about and that’s mostly motherhood now. It’s especially challenging because I’m raising a vegan baby. So overall this blog is for vegan/eco – concious(plant -based diet) mama’s just trying to navigate through the meat and dairy centric world. Or just to have each other’s back when recipes, products, eco- decorating , baby gear and so on.

( Disclaimer)  I don’t claim to be an expert on this but trust me I’ve made my fair share of mistakes so I can tell you what not to do if anything.I will give it to you straight! I’m living it and it’s real! real real!

 Okay so on with my first bit of advice read, read and re-read everything when shopping. Even if it looks plant-based never assume that it is. I’ve made many trips back to the store and sometimes just given products away based on assuming things. Another important thing to remember new mama’s is if possible try not to shop when your tired, alone, on a tight time schedule or with your newborn. You’ll rush through everything, feel stressed out and over spend. Take it from someone who knows it’s not worth it just to pick up stuff you can order online or get later. I  wish I had someone like me to get some advice from eight months ago. But I didn’t so I’m giving it to those lucky mama’s who follow my blog!

It’s really hard to focus on reading labels when your baby is screaming for breast milk. If you have to take your baby make sure they are well feed and have had a good nap before hand. Really this will make your life bare able and always bring distractions like a favorite toy/ babies juice cup ect. Again though I wouldn’t recommend taking a real young baby alone if you can help it. I know it’s tuff for single parents or like myself when one parent works all day but it’s just a better day overall.If you can take a relative or a close friend with you to help out although in my experience then tend to add to the work in some situations. Us your own judgement on that everyone has a different stress level button. The ideal is to shop for baby stuff with your spouse.

Next make sure you research all your  baby gear before you buy anything! I emphasis this strongly because most likely if you don’t you’ll end up with bunch of crap that your stuck with for years like me! You can get the best gear online for for the best price’s and try to go eco!  Don’t cheap out on gear if you can in this case you really get what you pay for. Be weary of hand me down gear . People mean well but it’s really just a way for older parents to dump their old crap on your doorstep ( told you I’d be real). There to lazy to drive to the goodwill. Usually the gear is completely out dated and missing some important components. Take old toys from people but set some limits because they will give you all of it believe me. They are trying to get their living room space back.  Don’t be shy about saying no thank you.

On clothes consignment can be a great way to save money and get cute little outfits. Make sure they’ve been cleaned well. You can also trade in your old clothes for sell at consignment. I recommend going cheap on clothes, shoes because they grow out of them overnight literally. Also don’t buy newborn outfits unless it’s a gift or for baby pictures. Always go a couple sizes up you will go broke fast otherwise. If you already have newborn clothes they’ve out grown trade them in and try to sell them at your local consignment or ebay.

Also don’t bank on getting everything you want at your baby shower. Even if you plan a huge event with all the trimmings and awesome food most gifts will be onesie’s, blankets and  a zillion baby books. But the guests will eat the food don’t worry about that.  I had this fantasy shower built up in my mind but nobody even looked at my register hehe oh well.  It wasn’t bad it’s just not everything it’s suppose to be. Baby gear is expensive and you only know what you like truly anyway.These days everyone is watching their pennies and even your rich auntie May might stiff you on the essentials.   That’s why she’s rich. Anyway it’s getting late  and it’s been a long day for this mama. Hope this helps for now and I can’t wait to share more. I’ll give you more info on the new vegan products I’ve found that will rock your world and more cool advice ahead. So check back and take notes. Next blog your babies first Halloween costume and more.

So quick wrap up:

1. Read everything| Read all labels on the back.

2.Make sure you & baby are well rested & feed before shopping.Ideally have somebody there to help.

3. Get clothes from consignment to save, trade and get a few sizes up. Newborn clothes are hard to find for a reason.

4. Buy your own gear online for less but don’t go to cheap. Your baby’s safety and comfort are priority.

5. Take a few toys from friends just don’t be a dumping ground. make sure there safe and clean.

6. Expect your baby shower to be about the odds and ends. Don’t expect big items like baby gear.

7. Have a game plan before baby. Start up  a pinterest board to map out items you need.

8. Most important enjoy your time with your bundle of joy!

 Having a baby is such a special event in your life and you don’t want to waste it worrying about buying the right stroller so map out your plans before baby. Then enjoy the moments they go fast. Take pictures all the time. Stay blogged in | Stay green & kiss your baby goodnight. ~ April  The Vegan Chic Mama!


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