Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post on wordpress which I’m totally grateful for because my time is limited these days. At least my computer time that is! A bit about  me my name is April and I was born and raised in the bay area mostly! I moved to Seattle in 2002 and love it here! I just recently became a mother this year and I got married in 2011! It’s been a busy couple of years for me needless to say! Anyway I just want to say that I’m not the greatest writer in the world so don’t expect Shakspeare here or anything! I’ve had a life long battle with learning disabilities(dyslexia) so bare with me on punctuation and spelling please. I’m the queen of run on sentences and I have a seven month old baby to try to keep entertained. But for some reason I just feel like I have  important things to say and share I always have! I’m a singer, songwriter, vegan, animal lover, mother and wife. My music sounds good but doesn’t sell because making money on downloads is impossible I found out!  I also just got kicked off google adsense for reasons I’m still unsure of! But my music video came out great! I have the same video on vimeo which I probably put a link for in the coming posts. Okay listen careful this is were I place my shameless plug! You can download my singles right now on iTunes, Amazon among other sites for a whole 0.99! I currently have three original songs up for download under april todd! Ok now that I got that out of the way I can stop selling stuff for now and just write stuff! My goal for this blog is to just try to speak as real about things that I think about and that I’m passionate about! It’s as much for me as it is for the reader. It’s a way to express myself I guess! So that’s all for now my 7 month old is needing me for a diaper change. Hope this gives you a slight outline of who I am! Anyway catch you on my next post!

Happy blogging!


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